Bringing the web3
workforce on-chain

Tokenising employment contracts and work experience.

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We are future-proofing the
employment cycle for web3.

By tokenising employment contracts and work experience, we decentralise the way web3 talents get hired and democratise vetted and verified talent data on-chain for hirers.

Secure. Provable and Permissionless.


Contract (TEC)


Experience Badge

TECs are non-fungible digital contracts  that houses all employment details and binds both parties on-chain.

For each TEC deployed, the talent receives a non-transferable Experience Badge that serves as an immutable proof of work.

Imagine employment contracts and work experience as SBT’s.


Experience Badge

How does geegs work?

It’s not rocket science, we promise.

How does geegs work?

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Launch Geegs and connect your Metamask or
any compatible self-custody digital wallet to
start deploying TEC’s.

For Hirers

Create & Manage your TECs

Create and track all your TECs in one simple
dashboard. Choose between 2 types of TEC to deploy.

Full-Time TEC
TEC’s that do not escrow crypto funds.

Freelance TEC
TEC’s that escrow crypto funds to guarantee payment
upon job completion.

For Talents

Build your on-chain resume
with Experience Badges

All Completed TEC’s convert into Soulbound (SBT)
Experience Badges that serve as your immutable proof
of work. You also have the option to mint an
Experience Badge for past work experiences.

Built for the web3 economy.

For Talents

Never worry about getting paid. Ever.

Our Freelance TEC guarantees crypto payments for ad-hoc work via a smart contract escrow.

Build your on-chain resume.

All TECs convert into an Experience Badge. You also have the option to mint Experience Badges.

Access to our hiring partners

Our community of talents get instant access to job opportunities through our hiring partners.

For Projects

Fast and secure.

TECs only take a few minutes to deploy, making it the fastest and most secure way to create a binding agreement.

Built-in dispute mechanics

Keep all parties accountable by delegating contract disputes to the Geegs team.

Access pre-vetted talents

All talent work experiences are pre-vetted through the use of our Experience Badges.

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